Ration Card Online Registration: Rules and Documents Required

Ration Card Online Registration: Rules and Documents Required

A ration card is among one of the most important documents for almost every person in India. It’s issued by a state government and also entitles the holder of the card to ration of food, fuel and other goods issued by the government.

The cards are primarily used when purchasing subsidised food (wheat, rice, sugar and kerosene.) The card details also provide an important proof of identity and residence of the individual and is commonly used as an identity proof when applying for making a domicile certificate, birth certificate, voter ID card etc.

Rations cards have historically been issued as printed booklets and contains all the financial information of a family. State governments have only recently started digitising the document. The switch to digital ration cards has not been done pan-India yet as the administration of these cards is handled by individual state governments.

Types of Ration Cards

Blue/Yellow/Green/Red Ration cards – For people who are below the poverty line. These ration cards are for obtaining various subsidies on food, fuel and other goods.

White Ration cards – These ration cards are for people above the poverty line. They help as an identification proof……….Read More>>


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